The Story of Stuff Project

Trash Hero has collaborated with The Story of Stuff Project to bring their excellent animated short movie about plastic to new audiences in Southeast Asia and further afield. The animation is based on the Emmy award-winning documentary “The Story of Plastic” and gives a simple yet powerful overview of the plastic crisis. Available to watch in Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Arabic and in English. Watch now.

Trash Hero Malaysia

Trash Hero Malaysia celebrated six years of continuous activity last month with a special birthday cleanup. The first action was held on the island of Langkawi on 18 October 2015. There are now 18 active chapters in the country, on both the mainland and in Borneo. Together they have collected almost 243 metric tons of waste at 1,864 cleanup events, involving 43,717 volunteers.

TRASH HERO Children’s Book

The Trash Hero children’s’ book has been translated into a sixth language – Malaysian! With the help of Trash Hero Malaysia volunteers,1000 children on both Borneo and mainland will soon get the chance to be heroes through the organisation’s hands-on learning programme. 17,830 copies of the book have been printed since its launch in 2018. It is currently also available in English, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Burmese, Czech and German.