Round Britain eRIB’s challenge vessel “Electra” is on the water!

Round Britain eRIB

“Electra” is on the water! Round Britain eRIB‘s challenge vessel will be named ‘Electra’. On board the team have a 120hp equivalent electric motor (peak 150hp) supplied by EVOY with two 63kWh Kreisel batteries. She is a 6.5m aluminium hull RIB made by Galaxy in Ukraine and fitted out in the Netherlands. The charging options are through an Onboard Charger (OBC) which has a capacity of 6.6 kW AC or a fast charger unit at 0.7C of the total battery capacity so a little over 75kW. Click HERE to find out more.


June Tara Ocean Foundation went to Venice

Tara Ocean Foundation in Venice

From the 5th – 9th June Tara Ocean Foundation went to Venice. Sailors, scientists, and artists who are part of the ongoing expedition Tara Europa/TREC in collaboration with EMBL stopped at the heart of the “Floating City”. An opportunity to participate in the rich programming of the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art and the UNESCO World Conference on Ocean Culture. For 20 years the DNA of the Tara Ocean Foundation has been in art and science, entities which have always been closely linked on their various expeditions. Exploration and sharing drives all crew members. Artists Laure Winants, who started her residency in Venice, and Robertina Sebjanic, who had set sail from Aarhus to Riga, offered their views on marine ecosystems through an audio-visual and sound performance in during World Ocean Day. The event marked the beginning of their partnership with the TBA 21 Foundation to bring together Ocean issues through art, in view of UNOC 2025 and beyond.

Trash Hero focuses on the consumption of microplastics through food and air

Trash Hero Microplastics Map

This month the team at Trash Hero have been focusing on the consumption of microplastics through food and air. Recent studies have shown that the amount varies depending on your location. This microplastics map reveals which countries are consuming the most. When it comes to dietary intake, countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines topped the charts. In fact, according to the study, Indonesians eat about 15 grams of microplastics every month, more than any other country, with the majority coming from aquatic sources such as seafood. By comparison, dietary intake in the U.S. was roughly 2.4 grams per month. For microplastic inhalation, Mongolia and China came in joint first place, with citizens of both countries inhaling more than 2.8 million microplastic particles a month. The UK came in third place, in joint place with Ireland, inhaling 791,500 particles per month. By comparison, the U.S. came in near the bottom of this list, in position 104 out of the 109 countries assessed, with only 10,500 microplastic particles inhaled per month. Find our more HERE.

Restoration of the entire bay of Portocolom in Mallorca

MedGardens visited the largest project to date: the restoration of the entire bay of Portocolom in Mallorca

During this month of June, the advisory team and scientific team of MedGardens visited the largest project to date: the restoration of the entire bay of Portocolom in Mallorca. During the visit, the sustainability matrix evaluation was jointly conducted to determine the initial state of Portocolom Bay. As improvement actions are implemented, progress will be monitored, and the evaluation will be repeated annually to measure changes and adjust strategies as needed. The matrix consists of 40 indicators (objectives) divided into 4 blocks: environmental aspects, socio-cultural aspects, tourism and economic aspects, and area management. Each block includes 10 objectives with 4 objectively defined rating levels to ensure minimal variability in interpretations.

PlasticFree have launched a new white paper titled ‘The Post-Plastic Economy

Oceans Without Borders Team

A Plastic Planet are excited to announce that their partners at PlasticFree have launched a new white paper in collaboration with creative futures agency FashionSnoops. Titled ‘The Post-Plastic Economy’, the report unpicks why we’ve become addicted to this brilliant yet toxic, indestructible material, and reveals the steps brands must take to design plastic out at the source. Discover how transitioning away from plastic can set a business up for future success, spearheading new value creation opportunities in a world looking for healthier, planet-supporting solutions. Download the free white paper HERE and dive into a bumper section of case studies, design inspiration and strategic product development insights that will catapult you into the post-plastic economy before it’s too late.

The 2024 Wildlife Ranger Challenge is on

Oceans Without Borders Team

The 2024 Wildlife Ranger Challenge is on! Step up for marine conservation in spirit, or in action. This annual fundraiser, with a generous match-funding dynamic, supports rangers across Africa and generates critical funding for the Oceans Without Borders programme. Join their Benguerra and Mnemba Community & Conservation marine ranger teams as they take on the culminating 21.1 km race on 21st September; run or walk a distance of your choice, as an individual or group fundraiser; or donate instead. Contact to find out more.

Worldrise launches its fourth SEATY – Local Marine Education Area!

Worldrise launches it's 4th Seaty - Local Marine Education Area

Worldrise launches its fourth SEATY – Local Marine Education Area! Thanks to the renewed collaboration with Fastweb, the last “marine city” has been established in Salina, Aeolian Islands (Sicily), in the municipality of Malfa, at Scario beach. Here, citizens and tourists can participate in free snorkeling tours every day, accompanied by a marine biologist. Additionally, they can follow the informative signage both in and out of the water, uncovering the secrets of SEATY Salina! Follow @worldrise_seaty to discover all the SEATYs and their sea of free activities!

Did you know that air pollution is already the fourth cause of death in the world

Cittadini per l’aria-june24

Did you know that air pollution is already the fourth cause of death in the world and that 99% of the population breathes contaminated air? Exposure to pollution starts from pregnancy and because girls and children are more vulnerable, as the impact of pollution on their health can last a lifetime, it is urgent to take measures to limit exposure now. Cittadini per l’aria are calling for schools to ensure they are an environment which is safe, particularly the routes to and from the school building, and all playground areas. Click HERE to learn more.

Final Straw Foundation’s 2024 Wild Beach School season

Final Straw Foundation 2024 Wild Beach School season

Final Straw Foundation‘s 2024 Wild Beach School season is well under way, with over 850 children attending so far this year. Wild Beach School is a place where children can learn without limits and foster a love for the natural world around them, by getting kids out of the classroom and onto the beach. Children can explore the intertidal zone and all of its fantastic flora and fauna, as well as learning about the environmental systems that characterise the coastline. Wild Beach School introduces the beauty and importance of marine environments to children of all ages and backgrounds, even serving as some children’s first ever trip to the beach. At Final Straw Foundation, they believe that children who feel connected to the natural world around them will grow up understanding the importance of protecting it, creating the next generation of conservationists.