Worldrise President Awarded ‘Special Mention for Sustainable Development’

November has been a month of important recognition for the commitment of Worldrise Onlus in safeguarding our ocean. Marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, president and co-founder of Worldrise, participated in ‘The economy of the future’ and the ‘National Geographic Fest‘, events highlighting sustainable development, climate change, and the importance of MPA’s. Mariasole has also been awarded with the ‘Special Mention for Sustainable Development’ by the European Commission, as part of the GammaDonna award for innovative female entrepreneurship.

Restoring Mnemba Island’s Coral Reefs

Restoring Mnemba Island’s coral reefs: the OWB Mnemba team of Community & Conservation Rangers, headed by Project Officer Nancy Iraba are establishing coral nurseries with the aim of restoring and protecting this critically important marine ecosystem. The team is working in close collaboration with @marinecultures, @andbeyondmnemba, local communities and other stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of this initiative and the rich coral reefs of Zanzibar. Learn more.

Sian Sutherland spoke to the BBC on the climate crisis

This month Sian Sutherland who set up A Plastic Planet spoke with the BBC on the climate crisis. Sian is passionate about igniting and inspiring the world to turn off the plastic tap. She has been leading one of the many pressure groups who attended COP26, campaigning to highlight the 70% of fabrics in the world’s clothing that are made from oil-based synthetic yarn. Sian wants companies and the public to commit to shifting towards natural textiles and have an awareness of where plastic waste ends up and what we can do to improve the climate crisis.

The Story of Stuff Project

Trash Hero has collaborated with The Story of Stuff Project to bring their excellent animated short movie about plastic to new audiences in Southeast Asia and further afield. The animation is based on the Emmy award-winning documentary “The Story of Plastic” and gives a simple yet powerful overview of the plastic crisis. Available to watch in Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Arabic and in English. Watch now.

Save The Med Foundation ‘Dos Manos Schools Programme’

A Plastic Planet featured in the news

For the 2021- 22 school year, more than 2,300 students have already signed up to the Save The Med Foundation ‘Dos Manos Schools Programme’, during which students learn about plastic pollution, conduct a beach clean and citizen science survey to help them categorise and count thousands of plastic objects found on their local beaches. The collected data is then uploaded to a database and used by the Save The Med team to raise awareness, inform policy and develop solutions to meet issues caused by plastic pollution.

UKSA has launched a new video

A Plastic Planet featured in the news

UKSA has launched a new video which highlights the rich and varied experiences on offer for children and young people at its Cowes campus on the Isle of Wight. The video aims to inspire and attract donations to enable more children and young people from across the UK, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it, to benefit from their watersports activities programmes and educational initiatives. These enable them to build confidence, broaden their horizons and develop life skills. The charity will help a further 45,000 beneficiaries by 2025.

North Sails’ Go Beyond Campaign

North SailsGo Beyond campaign concludes with 2021’s last ambassador: Paul Nicklen. Paul is a Canadian photographer who has documented the conditions of our planet for over twenty years. He is uniquely qualified to inform and create an emotional connection with the wilderness in extreme conditions. Co-founder of SeaLegacy together with his partner Cristina Mittermeier, he aspires to bring back healthy and abundant oceans. Paul captures stories that can drive change and have a positive impact, for us and the planet.

UK COP26 Climate Change Conference

UK COP26 Climate Change Conference

Today Sian Sutherland was one of five expert panellists at the UK COP26 Climate Change Conference who set out to explain why plastic is so intrinsically connected to the climate crisis, the true impact on our health, where our plastic waste ends up and whose job it is to fix the problem. To watch ‘Plastic – The canary in the climate crisis coal-mine’ click here.

Tagging giant trevally

Marine science is seldom boring and often has important conservation implications. In this image, the OWB team has just tagged and released another giant trevally (GT) as part of their ongoing collaborative GT tagging project in Mozambique. As apex predators, GT’s play a crucial role in maintaining healthy and balance marine ecosystems. The information gathered on the movements and habitat needs of the species will be fundamental not only to their protection, but also the protection of many other species that share their marine habitats. Learn more.

3-day Leadership and Agility Training

In October the team at Worldrise participated in a 3-day Leadership and Agility Training in Golfo Aranci Sardinia. Thanks to the trainer Natascia Silvestri Jones, this experience has offered to the members of Worldrise the possibility to improve their communication and collaboration abilities, learning how to empower each other’s strengths in a collaborative leadership framework. Feedbacks, empathy, empowerment and experimentation are only some of the fundamental tools that we can all use to make the difference for the Planet.