Yachts For Science is an initiative that matches yacht owners and crew to marine scientists, researchers and content creators. Yachts travelling the globe are able to expand access to the the world’s oceans and become platforms for these purposes.

These partnerships generate information vital in decision making and legislation for the protection and recovery of our oceans.

The world’s oceans are the largest ecosystem on Earth. The oceans cover almost three-quarters of the Earth’s surface and produces half of the oxygen we breathe. Ocean ecology is critical for the health of our planet and the future of humanity.

It is estimated that less than 10% of marine life has been discovered and only a fraction of the ocean floor has been mapped.

Marine scientists face a challenge gaining access to the oceans to undertake research and monitoring. Traditional research vessels are often large and expensive to run, far from the target research location or unavailable; this is where Yachts For Science comes in to help!


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