Restoring Mnemba Island’s Coral Reefs

Restoring Mnemba Island’s coral reefs: the OWB Mnemba team of Community & Conservation Rangers, headed by Project Officer Nancy Iraba are establishing coral nurseries with the aim of restoring and protecting this critically important marine ecosystem. The team is working in close collaboration with @marinecultures, @andbeyondmnemba, local communities and other stakeholders to ensure the sustainability of this initiative and the rich coral reefs of Zanzibar. Learn more.

Tagging giant trevally

Marine science is seldom boring and often has important conservation implications. In this image, the OWB team has just tagged and released another giant trevally (GT) as part of their ongoing collaborative GT tagging project in Mozambique. As apex predators, GT’s play a crucial role in maintaining healthy and balance marine ecosystems. The information gathered on the movements and habitat needs of the species will be fundamental not only to their protection, but also the protection of many other species that share their marine habitats. Learn more.

OWB The Wildlife Ranger Challenge

On 18th September, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge is happening. This is when the Oceans Without Borders Marine Ranger team will unite with 186 other teams across Africa to compete in a 21 km running race to raise funds to support Africa’s rangers working at the frontline to protect thousands of conservation landscapes and seascapes. You can participate virtually by running or walking, or alternatively make a donation which will be doubled by the Scheinberg Relief Fund.