Scottish Coastal Clean Up are committed to helping clear the beautiful Scottish coastline of plastic pollution, working together with local groups and beach cleaning organisations.

They have first-hand experience of the issues faced around Scotland, in particular by island communities, regarding the large amounts of plastic pollution washing up on their shores. Often accessing these remote areas is difficult, if not impossible by land.

SCCU have two boats available to assist more remote communities in the removal of collected marine litter from their shores. By using their boats, SCCU can organise beach cleaning events that target areas that have limited access by land. Throughout summer they run weekend long beach cleaning event each month, in areas identified at marine litter hotspots.

SCCU are also working with local communities and organisations to create a network to help remove marine litter from Scottish islands to the mainland for recycling. They have partnered with Ocean Plastic Pots who recycled the rope and netting gathered during our cleans into a range of beautiful plant pots.

SCCU annual June event encompasses World Ocean Day on 8th June. They are involved with coordinating and encouraging individuals, groups, and organisations around Scotland to do their own beach clean all around Scotland.

They also provide educational workshops for schools, youth groups and at events, that help to raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and encouraging long term behavioural change.


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