Trash Hero Microplastics Map

This month the team at Trash Hero have been focusing on the consumption of microplastics through food and air. Recent studies have shown that the amount varies depending on your location. This microplastics map reveals which countries are consuming the most. When it comes to dietary intake, countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines topped the charts. In fact, according to the study, Indonesians eat about 15 grams of microplastics every month, more than any other country, with the majority coming from aquatic sources such as seafood. By comparison, dietary intake in the U.S. was roughly 2.4 grams per month. For microplastic inhalation, Mongolia and China came in joint first place, with citizens of both countries inhaling more than 2.8 million microplastic particles a month. The UK came in third place, in joint place with Ireland, inhaling 791,500 particles per month. By comparison, the U.S. came in near the bottom of this list, in position 104 out of the 109 countries assessed, with only 10,500 microplastic particles inhaled per month. Find our more HERE.