Trash Hero celebrating the 10th Anniversary

Trash Hero turns 10! A decade ago, a group of friends in Thailand decided to take action against the waste that was washing onto the shore from all corners of the globe. It was the start of something extraordinary, a ten year journey that has transformed a local initiative into a global force for food. You can read their full story in their latest blogpost or watch the full timeline in their 10th anniversary video. As of December 2023, they have 100 active chapters in 13 countries. Here are their impact numbers from the last 10 years!

  • 515,643 volunteers including 137,882 kids
  • 20,838 cleanups
  • 2,451,362 kg of trash collected
  • 108688 reusable bottles sold, avoiding 39.7 million plastic bottles and preventing 2065 tonnes of CO2 emissions
  • 491 partners in our free water refill network
  • 23,330 Trash Hero kids’ books printed in 8 languages.