Scientific research project named SEATY

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In collaboration with Fastweb, Worldrise Onlus have launched an education, awareness and scientific research project named SEATY. The goal is to protect stretches of coast through the establishment of local marine conservation areas. The pilot project is part of Worldrise’s 30×30 Campaign, which aims to protect at least 30% of the Italian seas by 2030, is taking place in Golfo Aranci (SS), Sardinia. There will be activities taking place inland as well as in the water, with a nature-positive approach capable of having a positive impact on the environment, allowing the resilience and regeneration of marine ecosystems.

Are you keen to join Worldrise Onlus on a 6 day Action and Biology Campus?

Are you keen to join Worldrise Onlus on a 6 day Action and Biology Campus? They are looking for volunteers (students or recent graduates) to join them in Golfo Aranci (Sardinia). The course consists of theoretical lessons and practical exercises, with a focus on marine biology and conservation. Here you will help with dolphin monitoring and marine-coastal monitoring of the seabed’s flora and fauna. There will also be snorkelling and other coastal activities. There are courses taking place on 20th-25th June, 26th June-2nd July, 26th September-1st October, and 3rd-8th October. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more information (there are also other opportunities taking place this summer incase these dates aren’t suitable).

Worldrise has launched the project of seagrass restoration

UKSA women undertaking their Superyacht Cadetship

Worldrise has launched the project of seagrass restoration “Posidonia” in Sardinia (Italy) in collaboration with the startup zeroCO2. Based on a nature-positive approach, it aims to restore an area of 100 m2 of Posidonia oceanica, while also raising awareness with educational activities in local schools, in collaboration with the non-profit EarthEcho, founded by Philippe Cousteau Jr., environmentalist and grandson of Jacques Cousteau. The project welcomes the support of the next generation of future custodians of the sea: everyone can volunteer during the plantation of Posidonia, participate in water quality testing and awareness raising activities!

Support Worldrise and donate your artwork

We are hiring - Worldrise

After the first edition of Ars Maris, Worldrise’s itinerant art exhibition dedicated to the sea, applications are open for the 2022 edition, which will be focused on the protection of marine biodiversity. If you are an artist and want to support their projects, now is your chance! You have until March 15th to contact the team to donate your artwork, painting, photography, illustration or sculpture for Ars Maris’ charity auction.

This month Worldrise is hiring for a new operative role inside the ONLUS

We are hiring - Worldrise

This month Worldrise is hiring for a new operative role inside the ONLUS, searching for a personal assistant for their President and marine biologist Mariasole Bianco. This candidate, who will be given the job title of Chief Mermaid Assistant, will have to show excellent organisational and communication skills, have a genuine passion for conservation and the preservation of the marine environment. Interested? Get in touch.

Worldrise President Awarded ‘Special Mention for Sustainable Development’

November has been a month of important recognition for the commitment of Worldrise Onlus in safeguarding our ocean. Marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, president and co-founder of Worldrise, participated in ‘The economy of the future’ and the ‘National Geographic Fest‘, events highlighting sustainable development, climate change, and the importance of MPA’s. Mariasole has also been awarded with the ‘Special Mention for Sustainable Development’ by the European Commission, as part of the GammaDonna award for innovative female entrepreneurship.

3-day Leadership and Agility Training

In October the team at Worldrise participated in a 3-day Leadership and Agility Training in Golfo Aranci Sardinia. Thanks to the trainer Natascia Silvestri Jones, this experience has offered to the members of Worldrise the possibility to improve their communication and collaboration abilities, learning how to empower each other’s strengths in a collaborative leadership framework. Feedbacks, empathy, empowerment and experimentation are only some of the fundamental tools that we can all use to make the difference for the Planet.

WORLDRISE – 30×30 Italia

30×30 Italia is Worldrise’s Campaign which aims to protect 30% of our seas by 2030 through the establishment and effective management of Marine Protected Areas (MPA). The ocean provides 50% of the worlds oxygen and absorbs approximately 25% of excess CO2. When it comes to winning the fight against climate change the ocean is our best ally. The growth of MPA’s and increasing essential education and awareness will go a long way towards protecting this essential ecosystem.