Worldrise’s co-founders have been featured on Planted Journal

Mariasole Bianco and Virginia Tardella

Worldrise’s co-founders, Mariasole Bianco and Virginia Tardella, have been featured on Planted Journal, an online magazine that bridges the gap between man and nature through art and romance. The interview, accompanied by a photo shoot by Giovanni Santarelli, is the occasion to dive deep into the history of Worldrise, from its foundation to the last initiatives, with a focus on “artivism”, the idea of using art to spread awareness about the ocean and its problems. Click here to read the full interview.

Golfo Aranci, in Sardinia, is an area rich in marine biodiversity

North Sails

Golfo Aranci, in Sardinia, is an area rich in marine biodiversity, hosting a population of bottlenose dolphins of the species Tursiops truncatus. Since 2014, the area has been home to Worldrise‘s project “The Gulf of Dolphins“, dedicated to sustainable dolphin watching and ecotourism, together with a careful monitoring aimed at the protection of the species. This Christmas, if you are looking for something special for your loved ones, the perfect gift comes from the sea: a donation of your choice for the protection of the Blue Planet, or a donation of 1 month, 3 months or 1 year for the nursery of dolphins in Golfo Aranci, a safe place where small bottlenose dolphins can grow and swim in safety and freedom. Find out more here.


Worldrise has launched the project AMPlification

Explorer Yachts Summit 2022

Worldrise has launched the project AMPlification, to enhance the importance of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), involving local communities in their valorisation. The first edition of the project has been developed with the support of Ariston Group in the MPA of Capo Testa – Punta Falcone (Sardinia), with 2 days of free activities to amplify the value of the MPA (lessons in schools, beach clean-up, snorkeling, yoga, talk by Mariasole Bianco), and will continue in Bergeggi (Liguria) and in Marche. Watch more here.

A new smog-absorbing street artwork has been created in Milan

Worldrise walls

As part of the project Worldrise Walls, a new smog-absorbing street artwork has been created in Milan (Italy) by Worldrise, in collaboration with the creative hub Fantastudio. The mural, named “Care” and created with a special natural photocatalytic smog-absorbing paint, covers over 100 square meters of a building in the district of Stadera and combines the concepts of environmental care and solidarity. The inhabitants of the neighbourhood were involved in its realization, with informative and creative activities to raise awareness and enhance the territory.

Worldrise Onlus celebrate the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture


On September 10th, Worldrise Onlus took part in the Small in scale, big in value event organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) to celebrate the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture. Worldrise has been working on the theme of responsible fishing with the SEAstainable project focusing on the enhancement of artisanal fishing and consumer awareness. On this occasion the team talked about the importance of artisanal fishing in different local cultures. They hosted a workshop for children, dedicated to the seasonality of fish, and another which focused on educating listeners on the craft of artisan fishermen.

The first SEATY – local marine conservation area has been created in Sardinia

Richard Stokes

The first SEATY – local marine conservation area has been created in Golfo Aranci, Sardinia, by Worldrise Onlus, with the support of Fastweb and powered by the local municipality and the region. In a drive to educate tourists and locals about this protected stretch of coast, a series of information boards have been installed. Activities such as beach clean ups, snorkelling guided by marine biologists and yoga are taking place in Golfo Aranci in an effort to raise awareness of project SEATY. Discover more here.


From 13th – 17th July Worldrise Onlus participated in Porto Rubino

Richard Stokes

From 13th – 17th July Worldrise Onlus participated in Porto Rubino, the annual musical event which celebrates the sea and calls for its protection. Porto Rubino, now in its fourth edition, has always had the protection of the marine environment at heart. This year Worldrise partnered with the event along with fellow sustainability partner Ogyre (the first global platform for the recovery of litter from the ocean). Worldrise founder Mariasole Bianco was joined by Italian singer Renzo Rubino as they educated the audience on Worldrise’s Ecorider Project, which aims to reduce the impact of the music industry on marine ecosystems. Worldrise also organised a beach clean-up and distributed pocket ashtrays among festival participants in a step to educate party goers on the damage of cigarette littering.

Scientific research project named SEATY

UKSA - Did you know?

In collaboration with Fastweb, Worldrise Onlus have launched an education, awareness and scientific research project named SEATY. The goal is to protect stretches of coast through the establishment of local marine conservation areas. The pilot project is part of Worldrise’s 30×30 Campaign, which aims to protect at least 30% of the Italian seas by 2030, is taking place in Golfo Aranci (SS), Sardinia. There will be activities taking place inland as well as in the water, with a nature-positive approach capable of having a positive impact on the environment, allowing the resilience and regeneration of marine ecosystems.

Are you keen to join Worldrise Onlus on a 6 day Action and Biology Campus?

Are you keen to join Worldrise Onlus on a 6 day Action and Biology Campus? They are looking for volunteers (students or recent graduates) to join them in Golfo Aranci (Sardinia). The course consists of theoretical lessons and practical exercises, with a focus on marine biology and conservation. Here you will help with dolphin monitoring and marine-coastal monitoring of the seabed’s flora and fauna. There will also be snorkelling and other coastal activities. There are courses taking place on 20th-25th June, 26th June-2nd July, 26th September-1st October, and 3rd-8th October. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more information (there are also other opportunities taking place this summer incase these dates aren’t suitable).