Reef Manta Rays

Yachts For Science expands research to cover Northern Maldives. After receiving crucial local knowledge from fishers in the region, Manta Trust researchers have recently started researching a unique population of manta rays in the Northern Atolls of the Maldives. Basing themselves on the remote Makunudhoo atoll, which draws huge aggregations of reef manta rays to its vast lagoon, they have been researching the marine megafauna there since 2022. With pristine coral reefs, and diverse megafauna such as blue whales, tiger sharks, and Risso’s dolphins, Makunudhoo atoll, and the surrounding atolls, are incredibly unique. Being far from the capital, marine research in this region is limited, and many reefs remain unexplored. Further research in this area is crucial to better understand and ensure the future survival of manta populations in the region.