Whale research in Bhaia De Bandoras, Mexico.

Yachts For Science are looking for vessels that can facilitate whale research in Bhaia De Bandoras, Mexico. 4-6 researchers will be heading to the area between December 23 – February 24. Dr. Joshua Stewart is a quantitative ecologist whose interests span animal movement, trophic ecology, and population dynamics with an emphasis on threatened species and ecosystems. The research team will be studying humpback whales, killer whales, and elusive beaked whales using drones, satellite tags, and acoustic buoys. Humpbacks overwinter in the Mexican breeding areas including Bahia de Banderas, and sightings of humpback breeding groups and mothers with newborn calves are extremely common in the winter months. Late January is an ideal season to study killer whales, which come into the bay to feed on newborn humpback calves and manta rays that are present in high numbers during the winter.

Interested yachts please: contact rosie@yachtsforscience.com