Tara Ocean Foundation in Venice

From the 5th – 9th June Tara Ocean Foundation went to Venice. Sailors, scientists, and artists who are part of the ongoing expedition Tara Europa/TREC in collaboration with EMBL stopped at the heart of the “Floating City”. An opportunity to participate in the rich programming of the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art and the UNESCO World Conference on Ocean Culture. For 20 years the DNA of the Tara Ocean Foundation has been in art and science, entities which have always been closely linked on their various expeditions. Exploration and sharing drives all crew members. Artists Laure Winants, who started her residency in Venice, and Robertina Sebjanic, who had set sail from Aarhus to Riga, offered their views on marine ecosystems through an audio-visual and sound performance in during World Ocean Day. The event marked the beginning of their partnership with the TBA 21 Foundation to bring together Ocean issues through art, in view of UNOC 2025 and beyond.