YFS - iceberg image

Are you going to Antarctica, the Gulf of Alaska, Greenland or the Norweigan sea in 2024? If so, Yachts For Science want to hear from you. Dr Paige Maroni is looking to continue her research of decoding the deep sea by taking water samples in cold water deeper than 2000 m. Using novel deep-sea technologies to preserve deep-sea genomes. By preserving deep-sea specimens in situ, she will collect invaluable genetic data, which in turn will be used to illuminate the phylogenies of a myriad of deep-sea species, enriching our understanding of their biodiversity and the tectonic processes that have shaped our oceans, thus uncovering evolutionary dynamics in the world’s largest ecosystem. The deep sea is the world’s largest ecosystem yet, phylogenetic relationships among deep-sea orders remain unresolved. If you plan to travel to Antarctica in 2024 and are interested to learn more about this fascinating research please contact info@yachtsforscience.com.