We fund and actively support a variety of sustainable marine conservation programmes.

Our aim is that the rich biodiversity of the world’s largest and most important wilderness, the ocean, may be protected and thrive for generations to come.

‘’Through exposure and connection, it’s possible the next generation will choose carefully and be the behavioural shift nature is telling us it needs. Our children can truly be the protectors and solutionaries.’’

– Jessica Getty, Trustee of Ocean Family Foundation

“I feel it is our responsibility as a family to protect our oceans to the best of our ability as we have been enjoying her all our lives.

– Peter Dubens, Trustee of Ocean Family Foundation


We are four founding families of Ocean Family Foundation. We are passionate about the world’s oceans and we feel an energised responsibility to protect our oceans to the best of our ability.

As the founder families we fulfil our funding commitments to projects. We welcome any like minded conscious enthusiasts who would like to donate through Ocean Family Foundation or feel they can add value in any way.

We are boat owners, sailors, scuba divers, free divers, lovers of all forms of marine life and the marine environment. We love to spend time in, on and navigating around the world’s oceans. We have teams and crews with a reach and a sense of stewardship in the world of sailing and boat ownership. We have a shared motivation to role model good practices and positive change towards ocean pollution and plastic.

We are parents educating and including our children in these endeavours, exposing and connecting them to the marine environment. Our children, with their experiences, their consciousness and creativity as part of Ocean Family Foundation, means there will be a new generation of protectors of the natural world.

Ocean Family Foundation is a registered charity in England & Wales (1174759).
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